Library News:

Tech Classes:

Our next trimester of tech classes is coming up quickly. We are including a Mac Basics class along with the normal round of classes. Registration is not required and as always the classes are free. The classes will run for around 10 weeks each. Classes begin February the 9th. For more information go to our Technology Classes page

Mac Basics - Mondays @ 10am

READS - Mondays @ 12pm

Excel Basics - Mondays @ 2pm

Computer Basics - Wednesdays @ 10am

Internet Basics - Wednesdays @ 12pm

Powerpoint Basics - Wednesdays @ 2pm

Word Basics - Thursdays @ 2pm

Overtime - Fridays @ 4pm

Teen Gaming Night:

Teen Gaming Night has returned and will be on Tuesday nights from 3-5pm. The first one will be on February the 10th. We will be playing Minecraft, Mario Cart, and various board and card games. If you have other Wii games that you would like to play feel free to bring them as well. We will have some tournaments this year and possibly bringing some other game systems as well. 

Here is a look at the week ahead: