About WCH&GS

Back Row: Bill Austin, Mike Thompson, Mike Rea, Greg Roach, Roberta Peacock

Front row: Laurie Pritchett, Mary Ann Baxter, Mary Ann Rea, Jean Bradberry

The Weakley County Historical & Genealogical Society was organized in June of 1978 with fourteen charter members. Charter members were Charlotte Reynolds, Pansy Baker, Col. James Corbitt, Joe Richardson, Shirley Buckley, Joan Butler, Martha Hutchens, Justine Erwin, June Simmons, June Waterfield, Zula Capps, Robbie Elliott, Lucile Sharrock, and Charles Tyner. As of today, the society has over 900 members present and past scattered all over the United States and in some foreign countries.

The mission of the Weakley County Historical & Genealogical Society is to bring together those persons interested in the history of Weakley County for the purpose of collecting, preserving, and the sharing of all things relating to their various aspects of the history of the county. This information is made available to the public through publications done by the Society and individual members; publication in the quarterly member newsletter published since April 1982, the Forget Me Not.

WCH&GS Officers

President:  Mike Rea

Vice-President: Greg Roach

Treasurer:  Mary Ann Baxter

Corresponding Sec: Mary Ann Rea

Recording Sec: Laurie Pritchett

Archives:  Mike Thompson

Board of Directors

Bill Austin

Roberta Peacock

Jean Bradberry

Regular Society meetings are the 3rd Monday night of each week, 7:00 p.m., 3rd floor, Weldon Public Library. All persons are invited to attend. WCH&GS annual dues are $15 individual, $20 family and may be submitted to the Society at P.O. Box 894, Martin, TN. 38237. New members will receive a welcome packet. 

Membership in the Society is a nonprofit, (501(c) 3) organization. Contributions to the Society over the actual $15 and $20 annual dues are tax deductible.