Over the past years, the C. E. Weldon Library has become many things to many people who pass through our doors. It has always been our mission that each person who enters the library leaves with the information he or she desires.

We feel a great sense of pride in our past accomplishments and we are pleased that we can provide the community with traditional and electronic library services. We will continue to provide the traditional services that our patrons have come to expect, such as books, videos, CDs, DVDs, audio books, bestsellers, story hours, summer reading programs, and book discussion groups. Our challenge is to provide these traditional services along with informational technology, but always keeping the human element primary.

A strong and popular library reflects well on the entire community. It is our hope that in planning for the future, the standards we have achieved will serve as a benchmark for future growth. The Martin community deserves no less.

Welcome to the C. E. Weldon Public Library.


Roberta PeacockLibrary Director