Get Your Library Card Image Packs

With Spring Break coming up many of our patrons will be going on vacation and getting out of the cold. In keeping with that theme I have made this series of quote images about libraries to post on our social media sites as part of a Get your Library Card campaign. Feel free to download them for use at your own libraries. You an download them individually or you can get the whole collection in a zip file here.

E-Rate - Renaming a Form

As with any new system EPC has run into some difficulties at launch. One of those was that some libraries, mine included, were entered as Library Systems rather than Libraries. This resulted in a field error where the Number of Eligible Entities showed 0 entities. We have been told to resubmit our forms however we have no way to delete our old forms. Instead we have to rename them. I show you how to do that in this video.

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