E-Rate - Renaming a Form



Hello everyone. My name is Joshua Batchelor and I am the Technical Coordinator for C. E. Weldon Public Library here in Martin, TN. We are a rural library and one of the few in the area with an IT person on staff. As you all know E-Rate is changing with the launch of EPC(pronounced "epic"), an online portal through which all future E-Rate forms will be filed. I know for many of you this has caused confusion so I want to walk through my experience filling each of these forms in hopes that it will make it easier for you guys to do the same. That being said lets get started.

As with any new system EPC has run into some difficulties at launch. One of those was that some libraries, mine included, were entered as Library Systems rather than Libraries. This resulted in a field error where the Number of Eligible Entities showed 0 entities. At the time we were told it was a known glitch an that once the information was corrected that we would be fine. Once Jennifer and I fixed our respective Library Systems issue we both noticed that parts of the form did not get corrected. To be safe we are suggesting that anyone that had certified a Form 470 before getting this issue fixed should submit a new form with the corrected information. Note that you cannot delete a certified form. If you started your form but did not certify it then you can simply discard the form, correct the information with USAC, and then start the form over. If you certified a Form 470 before correcting this information you will have to submit a second Form 470.

That all being said most of us submit our forms with a specific naming convention. In my case we name our forms using the form number, our initials, and the year. As a result we have 470CEW2016, 471CEW2016, 486CEW2016, and 472CEW2016. I could just name the new form 470CEW2016-2 but I would prefer to rename the errant form to indicate that it is no longer accurate. This would then allow me to submit my corrected form as 470CEW2016 in keeping with my normal naming convention. Fortunately there is a way to rename your forms even after they have been submitted.

Landing Page

As with anything we are going to start at our landing page. Scroll down to the bottom section where you will see FCC Forms 470. Click on the form that you would like to rename.

Form 470 Review Page

On the left you will see a link for Related Actions. Click that.

Related Actions Page

Now the first option in the middle will be Edit Application Nickname.

In another video we will show you these other two options which are to change your main contact person and edit a technical contact. Those are used for if you have a personal change and need to change that information later on down the road.

Go ahead and click on Edit Application Nickname.

Edit Application Page

I am changing my forms name to 470CEW2016 - Void so type that then click Submit.


You are done. If you want to verify that your form has been renamed click on Reports, My Landing Page, and scroll down to the FCC Forms 470. Now you see that my name has been updated and we are good to go.

If you guys have any questions or comments or want to see more videos like this please send me an email at jbatchelor@ceweldonlibrary.org. Thank you. Have a great day.