Library Card:

If you do not have a library card I suggest you get one. It is free for anyone living or working in Weakley County and offers you access to thousands of books, movies, classes, and a myriad of other resources. All it takes to get a library card is a driver’s license with your current address or proof of residence in Weakley county and we will set you up. Besides all the resources below you will be allowed to check out up to 10 items(books, audiobooks, movies, music, etc.) at a time for 2 weeks at a time. Also, we never charge late fees. In fact, other than our copy and print services, everything we offer at the library is free to use if you have a library card.


READS is one of the greatest things to happen to electronic reading since the kindle. Reads is a partnership between Overdrive, the State of Tennessee, and our local libraries to bring you thousands of eBooks, audiobooks, movies, and magazines. With Reads you can check books out 24/7/366(it is a leap year) and keep them up to 21 days. You can check out up to 15 at a time and the books automatically expire meaning you never have to worry about turning a book back in. If it is cold outside and you want to curl up in a blanket a read a good book and you can check one out any time through READS. Maybe you have to drive allot for work? That is a great time to listen to an audiobook. If is it cuddle time at home Reads has movies as well. 

Inter Library Loan:

We work hard to make sure that we have the best of what is available in terms of books, audiobooks, movies, shows, and much more. However with so much available on the market and so many new titles there are bound to be items that we miss or that are already checked out. Fear not. The library participates in an inter library loan program that gives us access to the catalogues of hundreds of other libraries in the state. If we do not have the book you want on the shelf or through Reads it is likely that we can get it from another library. Give us a call or talk to one of our wonderful librarians at the front desk and they will see if we can get the book sent to us.


We offer many technology classes that cover everything from computer basics to Office essentials and internet security. We will soon be adding photography and podcasting classes as well. Most classes take about an hour and are held once a week for about ten weeks. We also offer several stand alone classes such as the Reads class. Check our calendar for dates and times.

Learning Express Library

If you are wanting help with school or want to take classes to improve your skills at work then the Learning Express Library is where you want to go. The Learning Express Library offers classes in all the core subjects(language arts, math, social studies, etc.) from 4th grade up through college. The also provide career assistance, adult learning, technology, high school equivalency, and even citizenship classes. If you register your progress will be saved and of course registration and all classes are free as a member of the library.

Tennessee Electronic Library

The Learning Express Library is actually one piece of a larger pie know as TEL or the Tennessee Electronic Library. Another piece of that pie is a massive database of Tennessee genealogical records, and a partnership with HeritageQuest online for even more genealogical resources. TEL also contains many other databases that are part of the Gale Database system. They include career transition resources, a small business resource center, language learning center, academic research, and newspapers. There are over 400,000 resources in all and it is growing daily.

Friends of the Library

If you are looking at this and thinking wow the library really does offer allot then maybe you would like to support the Library. The Friends of the Library is a group that does allot to aid us in the form of fundraising, spreading the word, and helping us with events. If you are interested in giving back and want to become a member you can find out morehere.

Suggest a Book

We are always looking to expand our collections but sometimes there are just some things that we missed. If you are looking for a book, audiobook, or even a movie and we do not have it on the shelf it is possible that we can get it through an Inter Library Loan or through Reads. However, if it is a book you think we need on our shelves please feel free to suggest a book by filling out this form.