Influx by Daniel Suarez

"We regulate innovation. Because, in fact, humanity is far more technologically advanced than you know. It is human nature that remains in the Dark Ages. The BTC is a safeguard against humanities worst impulses."

Is technology dangerous? Could the rapid introduction of new technologies outpace societies ability to cope with it without destroying itself? That is the question the Federal Bureau of Technology Control was created to answer. After decades it has been largely forgotten and yet technological progress has been slow since its inception. When physicist Jon Grady develops a gravity mirror, he comes face to face with the BTS and discovers that, while forgotten, the Bureau has secretly hoarded innovation after innovation. Now they have deemed his as too significant to be allowed to the public. When Jon is given the opportunity to join the BTC he refuses to hide his knowledge from humanity and discovers that hoarding knowledge is not the BTCs only dark secret. 

Daniel Suarez is easily one of my favorite science fiction writers with books like Freedom TM and Daemon. He has a good grasp of modern technology, how it works, and how it can be abused. His ability to take that knowledge and tell a compelling story with it is unparalleled. 

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