The mission statement of the library is "Enriching lives by providing quality materials and services which fulfill educational, informational, cultural and recreational needs in a friendly, respectful and businesslike atmosphere." In keeping with our mission here is a list of materials and services that we provide.


Books are a core part of any library and here at C. E. Weldon Public Library, we carry over 38,000 books, periodicals, and other written materials. We like to think that we are at the crossroads of education and entertainment with over 20,000 fiction and 15,500 non-fiction books. Some of our patrons love to read but have difficulty with the small text of most books. For them, we carry over 1,000 large print books. In the genealogy area, we have an additional 1,000 books, microfilms, and obituary binders. We also have almost 300 Spanish holdings. All of this can be searched for in our online catalog here

If your love of literature cannot be satiated by our stacks then we always have R.E.A.D.S. As a member of R.E.A.D.S. our patrons are allowed to borrow up to 15 ebooks or audiobooks at a time using their library card. Those books can then be read or listened to either on their computer or on their smartphone/tablet. 

What is that? You cannot find what you are looking for here or on R.E.A.D.S.? You may still be in luck. We have access to almost every book in the state library system through our inter-library loan program. Just ask someone at our front desk to see if they can find a copy of the book you want somewhere else in the state through the ILL system. 

Children's Library

Our children's library is one of the coolest children's libraries in the state. With over 14,000 books, a jungle room, cultural center, games, Early Literacy Stations and a slew of children's programs. It is the place to be for your growing child. Our books are organized by reading level and include Accelerated Reader dots on the spine for a quick and easy way to find out what grade level each book is appropriate for. 

Our Early Literacy Stations are touch screen computers with games and activities designed to teach kids how to read and write while keeping their attention by making it fun. While we do have two computers in the children's library that are connected to the internet, the ELS are self-contained activity centers and safe for kids of all ages. 

Other Media

A modern library does not only have books. We also have a collection of over 2,000 DVDs and just short of 2,000 VHS tapes. In this collection, we have documentaries and other educational material from the History Channel, Discovery Channel, and other outlets. We also carry a large collection of popular movies all of which can be checked out using your library card

For those wanting to read books but just do not have much time we suggest you try out our collection of over 1,200 audiobooks and Playaways. These audiobooks are great for listening to books while cleaning, working out, driving, or anywhere else where the ears and mind are available but the eyes are not. Cannot find an audiobook in our collection? We are also a participating member of R.E.A.D.S.  where you can check out thousands of additional audiobooks, using your library card, and play them on your phone, tablet, or computer. 

For those musically inclined we also have 500 music CDs.

Genealogical Resources

The third floor of the library houses the "Tennessee Room" which has a collection of genealogical material as well as books about Tennessee or by Tennessee based authors. There are over 1,000 genealogical resources in the room including historical accounts, binders of obituaries, and microfilm of newspapers. We have a microfilm viewer/scanner in the room attached to one of the computers with the ability to print the materials that are scanned. 

We also are in partnership with Heritage Quest Online through the Tennessee Electronic Library. This service provides US Census information, Freedman's Bank records, periodicals, books, and even Revolutionary War documents that are all easily searchable. 


We have 16 public access computers available for checkout at any time. Twelve are in the adult computer lab on the main floor. Two more are in the children's library and are intended for children to use for games and research purposes. Two more are in the Tennessee Room and are used for genealogical research and the scanning of microfilm. We also have 3 Early Literacy Stations in the children's library that are not connected to the internet. There is also a laptop lab with 16 laptops that is available during classes and special lab times. All of our computers have Microsoft Office 2016 installed and can be used for document creation, internet surfing, and printing for card-carrying patrons. For more information about the computer lab and our policies please click here.

We also have free wireless internet available at the library.

Copy/Print/Fax Services

The library offers the ability to copy, print, fax, and scan to an email address. Prints and copies are $0.15 for black and white or $0.50 for color per page and larger prints (11"X17") are $0.30 and $1.00 per page respectively. Faxes may be sent for free if they are sent to a local or toll-free number. If the fax is a long distance call then we must charge $1.00 per page. To receive a fax costs $0.50 per page. Any document scanned to an email address is free. All copies, faxes, and prints can be requested and paid for at the front desk. 

Community Meeting Room

We have a community meeting room available for local groups to use upon request. This room is free to use upon reservation and agreeing to the terms of use. Certain types of events may not be held at the library. Those exceptions are outlined in the terms of use here