Teen Snack Attack

The Teen Snack Attack is a monthly event for teens to come and talk about books, eat food, and have some fun. Some of the previous TSAs have included Skyping with authors, library mini golf, pumpkin decorating, and movie trips.

Teen Zone

Each school day from 3-5:30 pm* the conference room is open to teens for homework, board and video games, or just hanging out. 

*unless the room has been reserved by another group


Game On.png

Game On

Game On is a gaming session for children of all ages. Middle School and High School will meet in the conference room. Elementary school aged children will have their own session at the same time in the Children's Library. It takes place Friday afternoon from 3-5pm. We will be playing Minecraft, Rocket League, Knight Squad, and many other video games and board games. If you have other games that you would like to play feel free to bring them as well.